Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees


Nordmann Fir

The most popular variety, the Nordmann Fir boasts outstanding retention of it’s deep green soft-to-touch needles, making it safe for the whole family to enjoy and easier to clean up after.


Frazer Fir

Very similar to the Nordmann Fir but featuring smaller needles in denser groups and more upward branches, which combine to help this tree achieve a perfect conical shape when properly grown. Tends to be slimmer than most other varieties making it popular for those with limited space.


Norway Spruce

A more classic Christmas tree with short prickly needles, less suited for homes with animals or children. Low needle retention and love of cold weather make this a perfect tree for outdoor display, although the traditional Christmas tree pine scent might tempt you to bring it indoors too!


Blue Spruce

A beautifully different option – striking blue needles a little longer and sharper than that of the Norway Spruce and a strong scent make this variety a unique show piece! Needle retention is a little better than the Norway Spruce, but the spikier foliage tends to leave this as a tree for outdoor display.